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Listen to Elz.
All For Love.

I created All For Love as a dedication to my friend Silver Lucy, who recently lost her breast cancer battle. She was an amazingly sweet and outrageously stylish soul. She was always one of my favorite dance partners when I would see her out on the dance floor, which was quite frequently at F8 for Housepitality or at any of the Sunset Sound parties. She also wore, made, and sold these fantastic outfits, like shiny jumpsuits, exotic dresses, and sparkly kimonos. I came to her to do a unique order mermaid sequin kimono a few years ago and decided to wear it during my set because I knew she had been sick and would be watching live streaming during this time. She used to sell her clothing line at Wild Feather on Haight Street, which I often shopped to support my other friends Tamo and Super Sugar RayRay.

Recently, I played my first real show during the pandemic at the Midway in San Francisco. Since I couldn’t capture a live recording of my mix on that lovely Sunday afternoon with all my friends and family, I used the inspiration instead to recreate this mix. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, and thank you for listening.
Much Love,


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